Changes are coming and it's going to be great!

when 2 companies have the same or at least similar vision it’s natural not to complete, instead of that better to join forces and make better and stronger coverage of the market.

We don’t want to be 1 man band that knows everything and it’s master of nothing. We are merging as we are masters in own field and out 2 strength need to combine to close the product ecosystem.

What are the benefits of our current and future customers?

  • Finally, our developer can focus on only coding and faster releases of our great features.
  • Documentation will be faster published and be reacher with content and graphics
  • Products user experience will be refined with users testings
  • The brand will be reshaped with a clear focus and start standing stronger on the market
  • New design sets will be more polished in backed
  • No more design sets that are sold true oxygens licence. We can now deliver them with our Hydrogen paste feature

What will happen with the current design sets from OxySet?

We will revise them and decide if we will migrate them to the new store powered with hydrogen. 

Migrating to the new store will give the option to paste each element with our free or paid hydrogen plugin. In case some product didn't pass it, it will be kept on the current server and you will be able to use the same licence for a couple of more years. 

More info about hydrogen plugin.



That’s why ERROPiX and OxySet will merge into a new brand with even better products.

All the best from

Abdelouahed & Marko